Counselling Stafford

Welcome to Counselling Stafford. At some time in our lives most of us will experience challenges that can seem overwhelming and isolating. For some of us this might be current and immediate and it can be difficult to “see the wood for the trees”.

For others, the issues may have been present for a long time, perhaps even years. This can lead to ways of coping which might in turn lead to other problems, keeping us “stuck in a rut”.

Whatever the nature of our challenges, we can become low in mood and feel stressed. We may also worry about our lives in such a way that we can feel unfulfilled, yet perhaps know deep down that we can be so much more.

At such times it can be beneficial to seek the support of a skilled helper, someone who has training, qualifications and experience; someone who really listens to us and is by our side as we make sense of and overcome our challenges.

Counselling is a compassionate process that can assist you to resolve issues that might be affecting you in a social, personal or psychological way. As a counsellor it is my role to provide a safe, supportive and professional space for you to explore your issues with a view toward moving forward positively with your life.

My name is Dean King and I have over 25 years experience helping people from all walks of life overcome life’s challenges and difficulties.

Initially, I trained as a Nurse in the National Health Service in 1992 and developed my psychological therapy skills through Keele University, from where I received a Certificate, Diploma and Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Counselling Psychology.

For many years I ran and developed a Psychological Therapy team in the NHS, offering Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other therapeutic approaches.

Parallel to my NHS career, I was also for many years a Reservist in The British Armed forces, more latterly in a clinical role supporting service personnel with psychological and mental health issues brought about by their military service. I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan in this capacity.

Although I initially trained in the Humanistic tradition, I would describe my therapy style as Integrative, blending a number of approaches with my extensive real world life and professional experience to serve the unique and individual needs of my clients.



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