Most of us know that exercise is good for our physical health, but it has also been shown to be of great benefit to our mental well- being too. A piece of research going back to 1990 suggested that moderate exercise can not only help with anxiety and depression, but it can also lead to […]



Anxiety is an emotional state in which we might experience unpleasant feelings of inner distress, often with physical feelings and behaviours. It is quite common and most if not all of us will experience it at some level at some time in our lives. It is a feeling of unease, usually as a reaction to […]



Over the years, I have introduced many of my clients to the benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a process of bringing attention into the present moment and has its origins in Buddhism.  It can be really useful for lessening the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress as well as other emotional and psychological issues. My definition […]



Something that I suggest to many of my clients is keeping a journal. There are many benefits to this practice and it’s not as challenging as at first it might seem, because there are no rules; the format and content are totally up to the individual. So, why keep a journal? Well, the first benefit […]